Episode 10

Published on:

13th Dec 2021

EA Nation - Darin Swayne - Advantage Attorney Marketing and Cloud Solutions

In the latest installment of EA Nation, Rich welcomes Darin Swayne, President of Advantage Attorney Marketing and Cloud Solutions, onto the show to discuss the truths and myths surrounding SEO and lead generation.

In today's marketing landscape, SEO can be a powerful tool for lead generation and conversions for your company. But throughout that process, some challenges and questions can arise. It's these elements that can steer you away from making the conversion and achieving the value from this strategy in the first place.

Darin has been knee-deep in digital marketing since the early 90's and is no stranger to a successful conversion. Listen, as he shares his tips for navigating the truths and myths around SEO and how to utilize this marketing strategy to achieve efficient and effective conversions.


0:06 - Show introduction

1:08 - Overview on the topic of the day and the benefits of properly utilizing SEO

3:20 - Introducing Darin Swayne and his background in digital marketing

8:24 - Darin begins presentation on the basic steps for optimizing local rankings on Google My Business

14:08 - The four basic steps for setting up your GMB listing

20:19 - Strategies for optimizing your GMB profile overall

29:30 - Bonus suggestions for reinforcing your GMB profile

37:20 - The benefits of creating local listings

38:29 - How social media plays a role in all of this

46:38 - The seven SEO myths and misunderstandings

1:01:39 - How to contact Darin for any additional questions regarding SEO and lead conversion

1:04:04 - Closing remarks

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