Episode 2

Published on:

1st Apr 2021

Entrepreneurial Attorney Nation - Entrepreneurial Attorney of the Year Finalists

In this installment of EA Nation, Host, Richard James, welcomes the Entrepreneurial Attorney of the Year Finalists: Attorney Joe Jeppson, Attorneys Bill & Roxanne Ausman, Attorney Emily Smith-Lee, and Attorney Annie Scott.

Listen as each finalist dives into the challenges they’ve faced and the lessons they’ve learned throughout the past year. Through will and determination, each was able to achieve a varying form of success despite the tumultuous circumstances they endured. 

Sit back, relax, and enjoy these enlightening stories from our finalists as they share why they should be an EAY Champion.



01:07 - Rich’s introduction to the show

03:43 - Joe Jeppson’s introduction and discussion around how he increased during a down market

05:32 - Rich reflects on Joe’s history before joining the program

07:45 - How can small firms start without money in the bank

12:08 - Changing your mindset is important

14:08 - Joe explains why he should be EAY Champion

16:02 - Bill Ausman & Roxanne’s introduction and their journey through EAY

18:27 - How joining Richard James inspired big changes to the firm

20:43 - Raising rates and its effectiveness

23:00 - Getting rid of difficult employees and its effect on your business

27:03 - Bill and Roxanne’s fast response to switching to running remote

31:09 - Bill and Roxanne explain why they should be EAY Champions

32:53 - Emily Smith-Lee’s introduction and a discussion on why she decided to change her firm

37:30 - How Emily dealt with an abundance of people calling for assistance due to COVID

40:05 - Where did Emily turn to when the number of hires were off in the business

45:10 - How did Emily find new cases or different ways of revenue when shutdowns occurred

48:04 - Emily explains why she should be EAY Champion

49:01 - Annie Scott’s introduction and her transition to becoming a business owner and life before

53:36 - How Partners Club allows you to be around like-minded attorneys and its effect on your practice

56:02 - The first thing Annie implemented after she left Partners Club

01:01:04 - How did Annie find the time to change and improve her business

01:02:58 - Annie explains why she should be EAY Champion

01:04:51 - Rich’s final remarks


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