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12th Mar 2021

Entrepreneurial Attorney Nation - Kara Prior - James Publishing Interview

In this installment of Entrepreneurial Attorney Nation, Host, Richard James, welcomes Kara Prior, President of James Publishing, to discuss the process, tips, and procedures involved when utilizing a referral development program.

Kara's extensive experience working for James Publishing has provided her with the tools and knowledge to collect high-quality referrals and convert them into clients.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy an enlightening conversation surrounding the referral market and lessons learned throughout Kara's time in this sector.


01:07- Kara’s start in referral marketing

02:58- How did James Publishing transition from content creation to referrals

05:00 - Kara dives into teaching referral marketing

07:32 - Why are referrals so Important

08:21 - Setting appointments and selecting referral prospects

10:01 - The best types of referrers

13:34 - Question on business immigration 

15:51 - Addressing past successes and knowing when to stay the same or potentially pivoting

17:57 - Delegate initial outreach

22:30 - How many leads should a client be expected to have under a referral development program

26:16 - The importance of memorizing the script and making it your own

27:42 - Conducting introductory calls

30:28 - How to balance relationships with referrals

36:54 - How to be personable to clients virtually and grow your referral network

39:40 - “What would a good referral to you look like”

42:47 - How to delegate client relationships correctly

45:30 - Using services like door dash for a virtual lunch

46:45 - How to reach to Kara and her contact information

48:23 - Rich’s final remarks

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