Episode 8

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20th Oct 2021

Entrepreneurial Attorney Nation - Brad Smith - Author2Market

In the latest installment of EA Nation, Rich is joined by Brad Smith, Director at D & L Press and Author2Market, to discuss a variety of marketing strategies including the benefits of using a free lead magnet.

Working in the printing business for a number of years, Brad has watched the industry evolve and progress into a technology giant. He's been forced to adapt and leverage new strategies to help companies actively market themselves through a variety of mediums.

Listen as Rich and Brad highlight a few beneficial tactics that can be applied to your business, which can take the worry out of deadlines and better position your company to consumers.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy another thought-provoking conversation featuring one of the industry's finest.


1:04 - Overview on the topic and conversation of the day

2:05 - Welcoming Brad Smith to the show and background on Brad's work in marketing

6:00 - Brad's evolution and career growth within the print marketing space

10:22 - Begins discussion on lead magnets and how they can be utilized

13:33 - The Law of Reciprocity and where that comes into play here

20:24 - Outlining the work done by Jamie Miller of Miller & Miller Law

27:19 - Detailing another client example with Scott Stewart of Stewart Law Group

37:27 - Designing covers and utilizing books to leverage your marketing

44:23 - What to do once the lead magnet is finished

46:23 - How Brad Smith can help you

51:00 - Closing remarks

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