Episode 5

Published on:

9th Jul 2021

Entrepreneurial Attorney Nation - Robert Stanley - Local Pulse Marketing

In this installment of Entrepreneurial Attorney Nation, Rich sits down with Robert Stanley, owner of Local Pulse Marketing, to explore the importance and the value digital marketing can bring to your business.

Listen, as Rich and Robert share key marketing components like, testing different strategies, how long potential clients search for attorneys, and common resources on how your firm is found. This episode is jam-packed with beneficial conversation you'll want to absorb for your own practice.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy another thought-provoking episode that's bound to leave you considering how you should bolster your own digital marketing presence.


1:04 - Rich’s introduction for the show and Robert Stanley’s background

6:39 - The evolving advertising market and finding what works for you

10:48 - Robert begins his presentation

16:00 - Common deterrents for low client conversion

20:52 - Average timeline for someone to hire a attorney and how to properly follow up

23:47 - The importance of having good reviews

25:20 - Common resources people use to find potential attorneys

29:00 - How many attorneys do people browse for before hiring

32:00 - Working with potential clients that are unsure with paying your prices

34:00 - SEO and website experiences

38:08 - Testing different marketing strategies and adjustments before committing

42:06 - How to use the BERT system and maximizing Q&A based searches

44:49 - Importance of responding to reviews

46:30 - GMB (Google My Business)

50:00 - Local service ads

53:17 - The black box.

56:03 - An overview of the services Local Pulse Marketing provides

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