Episode 4

Published on:

10th Jun 2021

Entrepreneurial Attorney Nation - Travis Lee - 3D Mail Results

In the newest installment of Entrepreneurial Attorney Nation, Richard sits down with Travis Lee, Co-Founder and President of 3D Mail Results, to explore the importance behind finding the correct direct mail strategy for your law practice.

Packed full of enlightening information, Travis and Richard's conversation includes methodologies behind not only developing the direct mail content, but also ensuring it's opened.

So sit back, relax, and get your notepad ready for an episode packed with useful tools!


01:04 - Show introduction and overview on today's discussion

03:09 - A look into Travis Lee and his history

06:09 - Ensuring direct mail success in three steps

12:00 - What offers work for attorneys

20:00 - Benefits of lead generation and choosing the right method for ensuring readership

25:19 - The importance of timing

30:37 - Examples of mail pieces from Travis’s clients

36:31 - Strategies to get your direct mail opened

43:50 - Writing the correct copy to influence action

46:20 - Some examples of 3D Mail Results content

53:35 - How to creatively expand reach to your demographic on mail content

55:30 - A look into Rich’s mail content

1:01:00 - Overview on direct mail and how to reach Travis for more information

1:09:58 - Final remarks and show closing

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