Episode 4

Published on:

24th Apr 2018

Five-Step Process That Delivers a New Client The Very First Week

I’ve invested over 10,000 hours, walking barefoot over the hot coals of entrepreneurship, honing my skills and identifying THE step-by-step formulas to convert a struggling law firm into one that has their best year ever and the owner finally becomes free.

My clients call these formulas their secret weapons, I call them systems, and now I’m going to reveal my most treasured system to you the listeners of "Entrepreneurial Attorney Nation..."

So, what are you going to learn on this episode? A Straightforward Five-Step Process That Delivers A New Client The Very First Week, And You Can Do This Without Wasting Any More Money On Marketing, Even If Everything You’ve Attempted In The Past Has Failed!

You have my word, I’ll show you step by step, THE system all successful law firms know about.

Here's what we'll dive into on the show:

  • How to turn your law firm into a Cash Machine!
  • The superpower to leapfrog your competition, not in a year, not in a month, but this very week!
  • How to create the single most important system to the future of your law firm and your personal and financial freedom!

Don’t say I didn’t warn you: My five-step system is so powerful, if you’re not careful, you’ll become inundated with new clients too fast. The time is now. So sit back, relax and get your notepads ready!

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