Episode 6

Published on:

5th Aug 2022

Recruiting Top Talent in Today's Market

In the latest episode of Entrepreneurial Attorney Nation, Richard James discusses Recruiting Top Talent in Today's Market and uncover how you can hire better staff and keep your current staff from leaving.

Time Codes:

01:10 - Introduction from Richard James

02:54 - Warren Buffet and Benjamin Graham story

05:10 - Richard's mentor story

06:44 - Remind your team, client, vendors, etc what you do for them

08:25 - Issues with leadership

9:44 - Discrepancy in compensation or lack of mentorship

10:40 - Toxic work environment

11:52 - Richard's "Old Way" of managing staff

17:06 - Staff retention issues

19:10 - Employee pay

20:37 - Experienced vs inexperienced employees

25:02 - Training staff

27:27 - Subordinates

29:37 - Employee scoring guide

30:39 - Employee "hunting" and "fishing"

43:48 - Attract the right employees and repel the wrong ones

47:47 - Richard's "New Way" of managing employees

49:59 - How to get your staff to stay

51:45 - How do you show your team your appreciation

53:57 - Outsourcing administrative work

55:15 - Centralized customer service

56:54 - Use systems to recruit and retain employees

58:05 - Episode ends

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