Episode 8

Published on:

8th Oct 2022

The #1 Secret to Retaining More Clients

In the latest installment of Entrepreneurial Attorney Nation, Richard James is joined by long-time Partners Club member and Freedom Group member Bert Diener, as he reveals the number one thing he did in his business to make a pivot to grow without having to invest more money in marketing advertising. Moreover, as CEO and Co-Founder of 4iiz, Bert also provides real inside information that helps law firms tune into the right direction.

Time Codes:

0:00 - Introduction from Richard James

02:52 - Bert Diener introduces himself

07:04 - Opportunities to Inspect

08:31 - Highest Priorities to Inspect

11:08 - Coaching, Inspection, and Compliance

13:08 - What Bert's Firm Did

13:40 - Myth: "I've Trained My Staff; They've Got It Covered

14:20 - Consequences of Not Inspecting

25:37 - What to Inspect at Intake

32:27 - The Basic Levels

35:49 - How to Inspect

40:43 - 11 Steps and the PCLC/Mystery Shopping

46:50 - Bert/4iiz Contact Information

49:08 - Episode Recap

53:10 - End of Episode

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