Episode 3

Published on:

27th Mar 2018

The 6-Step process for retaining FOUR additional clients in just 4 weeks or less

I built a local Phoenix law firm from $0 (Zero dollars) in gross sales with two guys in an executive suite office, literally sharing a desk, to generating $3.5 million (Three and a half million dollars) in annual gross sales and I did it in under two and a half years. And from then until now, I’ve worked with thousands of attorneys, just like you to perfect the systems required to create a practice that generates enough revenue and free time to support their lifestyle and not undermine it.

But it wasn’t always that way . . . just like you, there was a time when I too struggled to get home in time for dinner, not work seven days a week just to stay afloat and take a vacation without my cell phone and laptop attached to my hip.

I struggled to make the income I deserved. I knew I had the brains and the work ethic but the money just didn’t seem to show up. After more than 10,000 (Ten thousand) hours of walking the entrepreneurial tightrope without a net, I discovered a formula to generate new clients at will and it works, EVERY TIME!

So, in today's "Entrepreneurial Attorney Nation" episode, you'll discover the SIMPLE, Proven 6-Step process for retaining FOUR additional clients in just 4 weeks or less...without EVER spending a dime in advertising or marketing!

Here's what we're going to cover:

  • THE magic bullet, ALL successful law firms know about AND those firms that struggle fail to grasp or were never told about.
  • How to uncover the truth regarding the performance of your marketing and advertising. I’ll bulletproof you against the lies those who sell you marketing and advertising services tell every day.
  • The greatest law firm cash generation secret ever revealed. Used by hundreds of attorneys to generate success and acquire their freedom.
  • And much more that you’ll only discover when you tune in!

This system is so powerful; your firm’s number one problem will be managing all the client matter. So sit back, relax and get your notepads ready!

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